Month: April 2018

Everyone has personal reasons for raising money for HIV causes. This is Alexander Cheves’s.   Here’s my favorite childhood memory. I was about 10 years old. My mother and I were in New York City to see The Lion King on Broadway. I’m sure the show was fantastic, but I remember my […] The post Why I’m […]

The new Netflix doc about the bisexual guru is a meditative look at mortality.   “I am one of the strange people that absolutely delights and enjoys being with people as they’re dying,” says spiritual teacher and former acid-tripping Harvard professor Ram Dass, “because I know I’m going to have […] The post Ram Dass […]

Voters in Anchorage, Alaska, appear to have narrowly defeated an anti-transgender bill which would have blocked trans people from using their bathroom of choice. With around 85 percent of votes counted, LGBT campaigners have reported a nearly six percent lead for the ‘No’ side, prompting celebrations. Proposition 1, which sought to limit […] The post Alaska Voters […]

A year after the horrific abuse against LGBTQ people in Chechnya was first reported, two new first-person accounts recall the appalling treatment they were subjected to during what has been described as “a big cleansing of gays”. Russian newspaper Novaya Gazetta broke the story that up to 26 men had been killed as […] The post Gay Men […]

“This year has ushered in a new high watermark in LGBTQ inclusion in health care,” according to Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin.   Health care facilities across the U.S. are making “tremendous strides” toward LGBTQ-inclusive care, according to a new report by national LGBTQ advocacy group Human Rights Campaign. […] The post Hospitals Make […]

Pete Buttigieg could be the Democratic party’s golden ticket.   Is America ready for Pete Buttigieg? The South Bend, Indiana mayor is reportedly preparing for the presidential race in 2020, which would make him the first major presidential candidate who’s openly gay. According to a new Politico profile, Buttigieg’s political action committee is […] The post We’re Closer […]