How 8 LGBTQ Artists and Activists Hold Space for Their Mental Health

“This isn’t just burnout; we’re being traumatized by what we see on the TV, what we hear in the news.” For LGBTQ people, claiming space for ourselves and our passions in a cisnormative, heteronormative world is an act of revolution. That’s why Logo is continuing Claiming Space, a roundtable series […] The post How 8 […]

The Vaccine Could Be the Key to Getting More Matches on Dating Apps

Want more matches? Go get that jab. As is true of most areas of life today, COVID vaccine talk has taken over dating apps, and it seems getting the jab is the hottest new online dating trend. Back in January, a spokesperson for Tinder told Vice that mentions of the vaccine in […] The post The Vaccine […]

Our Favorite Instagram Nurses – It’s Nurse Appreciation Week!

It’s no secret that nurses are the MVPs of any hospital or medical office they work in. Me personally, I will always be grateful when when a nurse held my hand when they knew I was nervous for an upcoming surgery. In honor of Nurses Appreciation Week (May 6 to […] The post Our Favorite […]

Ghosting: Why LGBTQ People Do It & How to Deal With It

LGBTQ people have learned to be experts in hiding. We had to hide to survive, and ghosting is hiding. We all have a ghosting story. When someone suddenly disappears from your life with no warning or explanation, you have been ghosted. Ghosting is on the rise. Several surveys now report […] The post Ghosting: Why […]

PHOTOS: Ricky Martin Goes Full Leather Daddy

PHOTOS: Ricky Martin Goes Full Leather Daddy

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Remember when Ricky Martin proclaimed, “when bored, bleach,” while showing off his new, blond beard? Rhetorical question, of course you do. And it’s back! (Sort of.) Around the same time he bleached while bored, the singer and actor was busy shooting a magazine cover for British publication Schön! Martin embraced his inner leather daddy […] The post PHOTOS: Ricky […]

Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan Denied Dream Wedding Venue Because They’re Gay

Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan were turned away from their dream wedding venue because of their sexuality.  Bennett, best known for his role as Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls, and Vaughan, a television host and producer, spoke about their upcoming nuptials in the Summer 2021 issue of The Knot Magazine. For […] The post Jonathan Bennett […]

10 Ways to Maintain The Spark and Strengthen Your Relationship

How do you make a boring relationship fun again? How can you get back the spark? The little butterflies that you get when you first begin a relationship are truly magical. After a while of dating, though, it can become a little trickier to keep the romance alive. Being together for […] The post 10 Ways […]

Queer Couple’s Dream Wedding Ruined as ‘Malicious’ Videographer Storms Out ‘Because of His Faith’

A same-sex couple have spoken out against a videographer who walked out of their wedding because of his “faith”, destroying their day. Clarissa and Teegan Templeton had planned their dream wedding at a farm in North Carolina, which took place on 3 April. Having saved up for months, they decided […] The post Queer Couple’s […]

It Turns Out Alaska Has Purposely Discriminated Against Gay, Married Couples For Years

The United States’ northernmost state has come under fire after leaked documents show Alaskan state officials purposely denied same-sex married couples legal benefits for years, even after same-sex marriage became legal nationwide. A new report by the Associated Press reveals that the aforementioned leaked documents reveal a pattern of discrimination against same-sex couples in […] The post It Turns […]

Here’s When We Can Watch Élite Season 4 on Netflix

Fret not Élite stans! The release date for the upcoming fourth season of Netflix’s hella queer, hella dramatic, hella murderous Spanish teen series was just announced, and it won’t be too long until we get to see some familiar (and some new!) faces (including our current fave queer TV couple Omander) gracing the halls of Las Encinas once again… […] The post Here’s When […]