Month: May 2018

 Here’s how to navigate the gay dating scene’s new norm.   We can all agree that modern love is not what it used to be. Online gay dating websites and apps have increased our potential partner options so much so that the dating game has, let’s face it, become more difficult. […] The post 5 Gay […]

The evangelical Christian college forbids its staff to engage in homosexual behavior.   A recent graduate of Bethel College, an evangelical Christian liberal arts college in Mishawaka, Indiana, claims he lost his on-campus job because he is gay. Kyle Walterhouse, an aspiring music teacher, worked summers at the college cleaning dorms […] The post Indiana Man […]

  Right-wing California Republican Dana Rohrabacher, locked in a tough primary battle for his House seat, said last week that homeowners selling a property should have the right to turn away LGBTQ buyers. In response, the National Association of Realtors rightly withdrew its recommendation that members donate to his campaign. The […] The post Turning Away […]

Sex. It can be a lot of fun. It can also be suuuuper awkward. Especially when things get verbal. A new Reddit thread asks gay men: What are the worst/funniest things you’ve been called in the middle of sex? The responses range from not-that-surprising to boner-killing. “During the heat of […] The post Say, What?! […]

Students at North Bend High School said they were forced to read the Bible and were told LGBT people were hell-bound.   A high school principal and a school resource officer in North Bend, Ore., are being removed from their jobs as their district settles complaints of anti-LGBT discrimination that […] The post Rampant Antigay […]

“Go to it. Be together. It’s wonderful.” Within the global LGBTQ community lies a trove of stories that transcends generational divides. Whereas some children today are able to come out to their friends and families with the utmost ease, others had to live the majority of their lives in the […] The post Watch This […]

GOP congressional candidate Jazmina Saavedra confronted a transgender woman using the ladies’ restroom at a Denny’s in Los Angeles and live-streamed the incident on Facebook.   Saavedra, who is campaigning for a seat in California’s 44th District, entered the bathroom and filmed the outside of the stall. “I’m trying to […] The post Republican Candidate […]

Maryland has outlawed gay ‘cure’ therapy for minors with a bill was signed by Governor Larry Hogan this week.   The bill, sponsored by out Senator Richard Madaleno, prohibits licensed mental health or child care practitioners “from engaging in conversion therapy with individuals who are minors” and bans the direction […] The post Maryland Has […]

The new study found these roles are not about gender but society.   New studies reveal that same-sex couples evenly divide up household chores compared to heterosexual couples. The new research found that although same-sex relationships equally divide the work but when they have children, things often begin to divide […] The post Same-Sex Couples […]

Negasonic Teenage Warhead has a girlfriend in the sequel.  The sequel to the 2016 superhero blockbuster Deadpool received its world premiere this week, and unsurprisingly, it’s received just as much acclaim as its record-breaking predecessor. While critics are focusing on its incredible performances, twisted humour and dynamic action, we were […] The post Deadpool 2 […]