Month: November 2018

Rider University said its decision was “based on the company’s record widely perceived to be in opposition to the LGBTQ+ community.”   Leaders of a New Jersey university removed Chick-fil-A as an option for a new restaurant on campus, citing the chain’s perceived position on LGBTQ issues. Rider University President […] The post University Removes […]

Gay icon’s close friend Cleve Jones joins Milk screenwriter Dustin in paying tribute to the late politician Believe it or not, it’s 40 years since LGBTI icon Harvey Milk passed away. The US politician, who was openly gay, lost his life on 27 November 1978. He was at San Francisco […] The post Dustin Lance […]

A viral video of a gay teen being accepted by his catholic school is warming our hearts. SBS News has shared the video of a young man coming out to more than 1,500 peers and students at one of the most elite Catholic schools in Sydney, Australia.   After standing behind the […] The post Watch: A […]

A father who says he was a “textbook homophobe” has repented after bullying his gay son “every day of his life” for 20 years. In a Reddit post titled “I’m a homophobe and my son is gay,” the anonymous parent confessed to trying to throw his child out of the house after he found out he […] The post ‘I’m a […]

A gay man is suing the Social Security Administration after being denied spousal survivor benefits when his husband died in 2014. Michael Ely and James Taylor of Arizona were together since 1971, when Michael was 18 and James was 20. “My husband was the love of my life,” Michael said. “Like […] The post They Were […]

With the holidays right around the corner, lots of couples are considering taking the opportunity to meet each other’s families for the first time. For members of the LGBT community, this major milestone can sometimes be particularly daunting. While there are lots of families who are open minded enough to […] The post Should You […]

Jeff Rohrer, who played in the NFL from 1982 to 1987, will marry Joshua Ross this weekend.   Jeff Rohrer, a former Dallas Cowboys linebacker, came out as gay Wednesday in an interview in The New York Times. “I’ve given at least five people heart attacks with this news,” he told […] The post Former Cowboys […]

The trans-inclusive policy follows the District’s introduction of gender-neutral driver’s licenses in 2017. Beginning next school year, public schools in Washington, D.C., will begin to allow students to identify as non-binary upon enrollment. The trans-inclusive policy is part of the District’s ongoing efforts to become more welcoming toward transgender and […] The post D.C. Public […]

The “Bloom” singer dropped a lyric video for the track, which is a collaboration with Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi.   Troye Sivan plays a “gay conversion” camp attendee in “Boy Erased,” but he didn’t have to abandon his musical sensibilities entirely for the role. The pop singer, whose hits include “My My […] The post Troye Sivan […]

Currently, 14 U.S. states have legal bans against so-called ex-gay or conversion therapy, but the “blue wave” of Democratic wins during the mid-term elections could increase that number by four or more. According to Into More, Colorado, New York, Maine and Massachusetts could all enact bans within the next year, as Democrats will fully […] The post 4 States […]