Month: April 2019

The Valedictorian at Anti-LGBTQ+ Mormon School Comes Out in Speech

One of America’s most notoriously anti-gay universities has a gay valedictorian. Matty Easton, a political science major at Utah’s Brigham Young University, which owned by the Mormon Church, came out to his fellow graduates during his valedictorian speech at the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences’ commencement ceremony. After […] The post The Valedictorian […]

Out Rep. Brian Sims Goes Public On His PrEP Use To Fight ‘Stigma’

Out Pennsylvania Representative Brian Sims, has come out publicly about his own use of PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), a daily pill that has proven highly effective in preventing HIV transmission. “Starting this day off smart, proactive, and in control!” Sims wrote in the Instagram post alongside a photo of his Truvada […] The post Out Rep. […]

US Bisexual Population at Record High Thanks to Women of Colour

More people than ever before have identified as bisexual in a major US survey, a trend which analysts have said is driven by women of colour. New data from the biannual General Social Survey (GSS) found that over 3 percent of Americans identified as bisexual in 2018, compared to about 1 percent […] The post US Bisexual […]

Nevada Could Become the Fourth US State to Ban the Gay and Trans ‘Panic’ Defence

Only two representatives voted against the bill. Neveda could become the fourth US state to ban the use of the gay and trans ‘panic’ defence in criminal cases, after a bill passed the State’s Senate. The bill will now go onto the State’s Assembly, where Democrats outnumber Republicans with 29-13. […] The post Nevada Could […]

A 15-Year-Old Gay Bullying Victim Died by Suicide. Now The Community is Rallying.

Nigel Shelby was a 15-year-old a high school student in Huntsville, Alabama. A freshman at Huntsville High School, Shelby had faced homophobic bullying from classmates – bullying that let to Shelby taking his own life.  “We were saddened to learn this morning of the death of Nigel Shelby, one of […] The post A 15-Year-Old […]

Same-Sex Borrowers 73 Percent More Likely to Be Denied Mortgage, Study Finds

Despite being “less risky overall,” same-sex borrowers are less likely to get a mortgage. When they are approved, they face higher interest. Gay borrowers are more likely to be denied mortgage loans, and those that do get approved pay higher interest rates and fees, according to a new study from […] The post Same-Sex Borrowers […]

Healthy Gay Relationships: 10 Tips That Are Actually Terrible Advice

When things get tough in a relationship (or on the dating scene), it’s natural to seek out the advice of friends, family, and even experts. Unfortunately, not all love advice is created equal, and some of the most frequently-mentioned recommendations could potentially do more harm than good. These are the […] The post Healthy Gay […]

What’s The “Normal Dating Timeline”? Gay Dudes Say…

When do you have your first kiss with a guy? And when do you head to the bed? The first date? Sooner? And then how long do you wait to go steady with this beau of yours? These are some the questions posed by a Reddit user who solicited a “normal […] The post What’s The […]

Steamy “Just Friends” Film Comes To US & UK

We introduced you to Just Friends this time last year. The Dutch film begins with Joris and family on the anniversary of his father’s death. Joris’s grandmother has undergone several surgeries, so his family hires a man named Yad to help around the house. But as time goes by, the two men […] The post Steamy “Just […]

Disney Is Making ‘Love, Simon’ into a TV Show

If you loved the movie Love, Simon then you’re in for a treat.   The popular romantic comedy about a high school gay boy falling in love will be leaping off the silver screen and adapted into a television series exclusively for the new Disney’s streaming service that will be soon launching, Disney+. […] The post Disney Is […]