Month: August 2019

Tumble Down the Gay Dating Rabbit Hole with New ‘Matt & Dan’ Episode Featuring Brian Jordan Alvarez

We can delightedly report that season two of Matt & Dan, the gay absurdist sketch comedy series from Matthew Wilkas and Daniel Vincent Gordh, is off to a galloping start. Episode three finds a casual first date entering uncharted waters, with Brian Jordan Alvarez showing up as a waiter to calm the […] The post Tumble Down […]

8 Fun and Unique First Date Ideas for Gay Men

8 Fun and Unique First Date Ideas for Gay Men

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As if screwing up your courage and asking out your crush wasn’t hard enough, you then have to come up with an idea for the first date. Do you go for romance? Something chill, fun, or private? In general it’s best to avoid going over the top on a first […] The post 8 Fun […]

Gamal Palmer: On Being Black, Gay, And Jewish in America

As a young boy, Gamal Palmer — Senior Vice President of Leadership Development at the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles — would sit in his local synagogue, wearing a yarmulke and in mid-prayer, as people would routinely approach to ask if he was Jewish. As a black man, his […] The post Gamal Palmer: […]

Trump Administration: It’s Legal to Fire Employees for Being Gay

The Trump administration has filed a legal brief arguing that it is legal for employers to discriminate based on sexual orientation. The Department of Justice filed an Supreme Court amicus brief on Friday (August 23), urging the justices to reject suggestions that federal discrimination laws protect gay people. The court is set […] The post Trump Administration: […]

Teen Who Threatened to Open Fire in a Gay Bar in Ohio Has Been Arrested

25 guns and more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition were seized during a raid A teenager who threatened to open fire in a gay bar and a Planned Parenthood clinic has been arrested. Justin Olsen, from Ohio, bragged online when he turned 18 about how he couldn’t ‘wait to start […] The post Teen Who […]

This Mayor Just Came Out as Gay at Age 58. He Says He Should Have Done it Sooner.

The mayor of Ottawa, Ontario, came out at age 58. Liberal Party Mayor Jim Watson came out as gay in a letter published in the Ottawa Citizen. “I’m gay,” the letter opens. “There – I said it; or rather, wrote it. Those two words took me almost four decades to utter, but […] The post This Mayor […]

For Nonbinary People, Struggle for Recognition Extends to Romantic Relationships

Many nonbinary people report having romantic partners who do not fully validate their gender identity. Rilen Taylor matched with someone on a dating site, but the experience went sour when the match insisted Taylor identify as only one gender, either as a man or as a woman. “If we were […] The post For Nonbinary […]

Are Tovey & Brockman Back Together?

Are Tovey & Brockman Back Together?

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Are they back together? It sure looks so. We’ve got more relationship gossip and news for you fans of celebrity life. Last year, we were sad to see Russell Tovey and British rugby player/personal trailer Steve Brockman break up. The two had announced their engagement in the first half of 2018, but […] The post Are Tovey […]

Relationship Mistakes All Young Gay Couples Should Avoid

Gay relationships can be tricky and they almost all come with many challenges. If you’re lucky, you’ll notice the red flags before they become too serious. There are the obvious ones, such as emotional, verbal or physical abuse, that are automatic grounds for ending things. And a lot of drama (yelling, […] The post Relationship Mistakes […]

Pose’s Gay Sex Scene Almost Didn’t Happen, Says Creator Steven Canals

Show creator Steven Canals discusses why he felt it was important to include it and everything else that happened for his directoral debut. Warning: This story contains spoilers from Pose season 2 episode 8. There was a lot going on in tonight’s Pose episode. There was the opening sex scene, a rare — and […] The post Pose’s Gay […]