Month: October 2019

Black Gay Couples Share the Love

Black Gay Couples Share the Love

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Black. Gay. Men. When you think of this combination, it’s often in a negative connotation. It’s rare to think of a gay black man in a stable, loving relationship. Gay black men are often associated with promiscuity or on the down low. That’s due in part because gay and bisexual […] The post Black Gay […]

Instagram Rejected an Ad For HIV Meds Because The Topic is ‘Too Political’

They’re owned by Facebook, the social media giant who allows politicians to lie in political ads. But telling gay and bi men about PrEP is too far? Instagram is banning ads for PrEP directed at gay and bi men for being too political. The site is owned by Facebook, which […] The post Instagram Rejected […]

Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown on Clinical Depression: “It Kept Getting Darker Each Day”

Queer Eye star Karamo Brown has opened up about his struggles with clinical depression, and how he wants to fight back against societal mental health stigmas. In a special interview with CBS This Morning, Brown disclosed how he fought depression for years, even to the point he became a drug addict and considered suicide. “For […] The post Queer Eye’s […]

The Nations With the Highest Levels of LGBT Acceptance (and Lowest)

An updated study from the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law ranked the world’s nations by levels of LGBT acceptance.  The current report updates and expands a previous Williams Institute report, “Polarized Progress: Social Acceptance of LGBT People in 141 Countries, 1981 to 2014.” Coming in at number 1 is […] The post The Nations […]

Watch a Northern Ireland Bar Celebrate the Start of Marriage Equality

Jubilant cheers welcomed marriage equality as the law of the land in Northern Ireland at midnight last night, following a New Year’s-style countdown. A tweet from the Maverick bar in Belfast shows confetti and a wild celebration as a deadline to stop marriage equality passed. Drag queen Titti Von Tramp hosted […] The post Watch a […]

Kerr Smith Says The Gay Kiss in ‘Dawson’s Creek’ is Now a ‘Part of History’

The 1990s show was the first ever to feature an openly gay teenager and to feature a gay kiss Kerr Smith said the gay kiss on Dawson’s Creek was a ‘part of history’. The popular 1990s TV series catapulted the careers of James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams and […] The post Kerr Smith […]

Kalen Allen’s on a Mission to Represent Queer Kids Fighting to Be Seen

“It’s about visibility for me, especially as a black gay man,” Kalen tells us direct from LA. “I think it’s important to be in the press and do those opportunities because it’s the only way I can be an example and representation for many other young boys who need somebody […] The post Kalen Allen’s […]

Georgia school official comes out as gay on #NationalComingOutDay

Everton Blair, a member of the Board of Education in Gwinnett County, wants to be a role model to his students. On Election Day 2018, Everton Blair defeated a veteran incumbent for a seat on the Gwinnett County Board of Education — the governing body of the most populous school district in […] The post Georgia school […]

12 Simple Ways To Improve Communication In Your Relationship

If you need to improve communication skills in a relationship, that can feel like a big, overwhelming task. But it’s one that has to happen, because it makes every part of your relationship better. Without a doubt, communication is the most important skill to have in any relationship. Communication allows us to voice our basic needs to […] The post 12 Simple […]

One-Fifth of LGBTQ Adults Aren’t Registered to Vote, Says New Study

A report from the Williams Institute looked at LGBTQ Americans and voter registration stats ahead of the 2020 election. Nearly nine million LGBTQ Americans are set to cast their ballots in November 2020, but a significant chunk of eligible queer adults have yet to register. A new study from the Williams […] The post One-Fifth of […]