Month: March 2020

We’ve Lived All Over the World as a Gay Couple. Now We’re Holed Up in Suburban Texas.

Like everyone, life has thrown us both a few curveballs over the years. Unsettling health scares. Never-ending career woes. Family members dying with no warning. But our lives have never changed so dramatically as they have over the past ten days. It’s probably the same for most of you reading […] The post We’ve Lived […]

What’s a Gym Gay™️ Without the Gym? A Meditation.

A famous philosopher—or Instagay—once said, “I lift therefore I am.” But is there a point of existence without a steam room? I knew it would happen. It was inevitable. Restaurants, bars, and any and all social gathering hot spots were closing left and right, and it was only a matter […] The post What’s a […]

Campaigners Urge: Let Gay and Bi Men Give Blood as Supplies Face Coronavirus Threat

Campaigners in the USA and Canada are urging officials to let gay and bisexual men give blood as supplies face a coronavirus threat. Blood supplies are running low because people are not coming forward to donate due to the need to socially distance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Doctors say you […] The post Campaigners Urge: […]

Lesbian Couple Says ‘I Do’ on the Street While Social Distancing

A lesbian couple married on the street in New York City on Friday while their friend officiated from a window several stories above in order to social distance during their nuptials. The women, Reilly Jennings and Amanda Wheeler, were set to wed in October but moved up the date fearing […] The post Lesbian Couple […]

Josef Salvat Warns of The Dangers of Chemsex on The Gay Scene in ‘Paper Moons’ Video – WATCH

The singer’s latest single addresses a close friend who is lost in a cocktail of sex and drugs. Singer Josef Salvat hits a sombre note as he delves into the very real dangers of the chemsex scene within the gay community in new single ‘Paper Moons’. A subject matter that […] The post Josef Salvat […]

Anti-gay Republican Voted Against Coronavirus Testing Bill Because It “Redefined Family”

The House of Representatives finally passed a coronavirus relief bill this past Monday night, but one Republican refused to vote for it because he said it “redefined family” by including sick leave to care for an unmarried partner’s children. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) was talking to the SPLC designated hate […] The post Anti-gay Republican […]

Let’s Talk Queer Self-Care in a Pandemic

Let’s Talk Queer Self-Care in a Pandemic

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“You know, maybe a little bit of extra ice cream at a time like this isn’t so harmful.” Take a deep breath, honor those scared feelings, and get yourself that bowl of ice cream. If you’re feeling anxious right now, you’re not alone, says David Todisco, director of Behavioral Health […] The post Let’s Talk […]

Second Person in The World Ever to Be Cured of HIV Finally Breaks His Silence

The second person in the world ever to be cured of HIV has just revealed his identity. Until now, Adam Castillejo was simply known as “the London patient.” Last year, he made international headlines when he was declared free of HIV following a bone marrow transplant to treat blood cancer. […] The post Second Person […]

Gay Dating 101: How to Find Real Love Online

Gay Dating 101: How to Find Real Love Online

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Looking for REAL love online? If you want to build a relationship at your own pace or simply make friends and enhance your social life, you may enjoy online dating. Online gay dating is the New Normal. Online dating works in a similar way to the social networking sites. Most sites offer […] The post Gay Dating […]

Coronavirus Is Punishment for ‘LGBT Sin,’ Says Far-Right Pastor

LGBTQ people have been blamed for hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and other disasters — and now they’re being blamed for the coronavirus outbreak. Steven Andrew, pastor of the USA Christian Church — which appears to be a virtual, internet-based church — has declared March to be Repent of LGBT Sin […] The post Coronavirus Is […]