Month: January 2021

Pressure Mounts For Japan to Introduce The Most Basic of LGBT+ Rights Ahead of Olympics

Japan should introduce a law to protect LGBT+ people from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity ahead of the 2020 Olympic games this summer, human rights organisations have said. In a letter, 116 human rights and LGBT+ organisations asked prime minister Yoshihide Suga of Japan to introduce such legislation before this […] The post Pressure Mounts […]

Fun Things to Do on Valentine’s Day This Year

Fun Things to Do on Valentine’s Day This Year

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Don’t let COVID-19 keep you from having a fun romantic V-day with your quarantine bae. Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and this year many of us will have to get extra creative! With the pandemic still in full effect, I wanted to share some thoughtful Valentine’s Day […] The post Fun Things […]

Men Are Showing Their Cake For The #BigBankChallenge?!

The internet is currently OBSESSED with the latest thirst trend. Last year, social media users got an eyeful with the #ShampooChallenge. And now, we have a new challenge to salivate over. Of course, it makes sense. With all the crazy going on in the world, why shouldn’t we all get a […] The post Men Are […]

Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Says COVID-19 Vaccine Can Make You Gay

The jab causes “opposite tendencies”, Rabbi Daniel Asor reportedly claimed. An ultra-Orthodox rabbi has told followers that getting a Covid-19 vaccine can make them gay. Which, of course, is completely, totally and utterly factually incorrect – if that needs saying at all. Rabbi Daniel Asor made the baseless remarks in […] The post Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi […]

Actor Luke Evans Has a Message For People Speculating About His Love Life

“Just to be very clear, no one, I repeat, no one, knows what is going on in my personal life apart from me. A simple one word comment made in an interview does not give gossip magazines anything more than that. If they choose to create sensational stories about my […] The post Actor Luke […]

7 Steps to Find Unconditional Love in 2021

7 Steps to Find Unconditional Love in 2021

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If you’ve been asking yourself, “Will I find love?,” know that it’s a normal question, especially if you feel a lack of affection or companionship in your life. Learning how to find unconditional love, however, is not so simple. There are many factors to consider before welcoming a new partner or […] The post 7 Steps […]

Open Letter to ‘Gays Over COVID’ on Board Sinking Party Boat in Mexico Goes Viral

“You look like a f*cking clowns.” An open letter to revellers on board a gay party boat that sank on New Year’s Eve has prompted much conversation online. Footage filmed off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico showed some 60 people floating in the sea and being rescued after the incident. Nobody […] The post Open Letter […]

‘Queer Eye’ star Jonathan Van Ness reveals he married his ‘best friend’

The reality television star is opening up about his relationship with husband Mark Peacock following their secret 2020 wedding. Reality television star Jonathan Van Ness, 33, surprised his more than 5 million fans on Instagram last week by announcing that he got married in 2020. “I got married to my […] The post ‘Queer Eye’ […]