Month: March 2021

19 Things Straight People Think Are Totally Gay

Dessert? Recycling?? Hygiene??? Face masks???? Who knew?!?!? But because toxic masculinity and homophobia still plague the world to this day, this isn’t the only thing people seem to think are “gay…” We knew straightness had a lot of totally normal, not oppressive at all regulations and guidelines, but in this […] The post 19 Things […]

Netflix Announces Gay Holiday Romcom ‘Single All the Way’

Looks like the queer yuletide isn’t ending any time soon. Last year saw an unprecedented number of major LGBTQ+ moves in the holiday rom-com genre. And for those thinking that it was a one-time gig, it looks like we’ve got the first bit of news: Netflix seems to be the […] The post Netflix Announces […]

Becoming Mr. Right: 10 Top Tips For Single Gay Men

Looking for Mr. Right? Before thinking about finding the right man, you should consider how to become one. How does a young gay man navigate the fragile network of relationships in our dating culture today? Here’s some top tips you can follow to become the best version of yourself for […] The post Becoming Mr. […]

LGBTQ Celebrities Speak Out Against Surge of Anti-Asian Violence

“It is a hate crime. I don’t know why that’s even a question.” LGBTQ celebrities and activists are using their platforms to condemn the recent tide of anti-Asian violence across the United States. In the wake of this week’s deadly shooting at an Asian-owned spa in Atlanta, Georgia — which claimed […] The post LGBTQ Celebrities […]

What Does OTP Mean And Why Does It Matter?

What Does OTP Mean And Why Does It Matter?

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Here’s a breakdown of what OTP means and why the phrase has stuck around online LGBTQ+ communities. Internet culture is packed with online specific phrases that can be confusing to someone outside fandom culture and internet circles. One of the most popular phrases thrown around is the term OTP (one […] The post What Does […]

Christians Have Been Trying to Convert Me For Years. I Don’t Need to Be Saved.

I’m perfect just as I am and I’m Jewish. Hey Tom Cantor, If Jesus were so wonderful, you wouldn’t have to promote him through the mail like a free sample of toothpaste or garbage bags. Instead, people would come flocking to him on their own by attraction. I’m a proud […] The post Christians Have […]

12 Potential Reasons You’re Still a Single Gay Man

Are you a single gay man who is looking for reasons why you are still single? Have you reached a place in your life where you are tired of seeing all of your friends partnered or married while you are still sitting there, unattached and completely unhappy? If so, you are not […] The post 12 Potential […]

Is Confidence in a Man Sexy? Or Is It Actually a Turn-Off?

YouTuber and comedian Michael Henry‘s latest sketch is taking on a topic we don’t talk about nearly enough when it comes to the gay dating scene: is having a lot of confidence sexy AF? Or is it actually a big turn-off?? Making the case for vulnerability to his friend Josh while […] The post Is Confidence […]

Five International LGBTQ Short Films at BFI Flare You Can Watch Free Anywhere in The World

Short films from India, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the USA will be shown as part of BFI Flare and the British Council’s ‘Five Films For Freedom’ series. BFI Flare: London LGBTIQ+ Film Festival is going digital this year, meaning that queer cinema fans across the UK will be able […] The post Five International […]