Month: May 2021

What Do All The Different Pride Flags Stand For?

More Colour. More Pride. Each year, the rainbow flag is flown at Pride events all around a world to reflect the beauty and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. Since artist and gay rights activist Gilbert Baker created the original flag in 1978, various designers and advocates have made different (or […] The post What Do […]

Companies Need to Swap Tokenism For Authenticity If They Want to Celebrate Pride with Us

Companies hoping to make a buck from slapping a rainbow on their products and calling it a day should think carefully about engaging in pink capitalism this year. Pride is upon us once again, but as with many things this year, its observance will inevitably look different. The LGBTQ community […] The post Companies Need […]

Hot Vax Summer! 5 Top Tips on How to Get Back into Dating

On TikTok “only hot people get the Pfizer vaccine,” but in the real world antibodies have universal sex appeal. As more and more gay people get vaccinated, there has been an influx of horny tweets and vaccine thirst traps on Instagram as people try to manifest a summer 2021 that […] The post Hot Vax […]

The First Trailer for Love, Victor Season 2 is a Whirlwind of Emotions

Hulu has released the first trailer for the second season of Love, Victor. In the two-minute teaser, a newly out-of-the-closet Victor (Michael Cimino) tries to balance his new relationship with Benji (George Sear) and life as an openly gay star athlete as he enters his junior year at Creekwood High […] The post The First […]

An Out Politician Recounts How He Saved His Gay Neighbor’s Life By Donating His Kidney

Brian Sims didn’t share that he donated his kidney at first to avoid seeming like it was done for political points. Now his heartwarming story is bringing attention to a live-saving issue. Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims (D) was out and about in Philadelphia recently when he ran into a familiar […] The post An Out […]

How 8 LGBTQ Artists and Activists Hold Space for Their Mental Health

“This isn’t just burnout; we’re being traumatized by what we see on the TV, what we hear in the news.” For LGBTQ people, claiming space for ourselves and our passions in a cisnormative, heteronormative world is an act of revolution. That’s why Logo is continuing Claiming Space, a roundtable series […] The post How 8 […]

The Vaccine Could Be the Key to Getting More Matches on Dating Apps

Want more matches? Go get that jab. As is true of most areas of life today, COVID vaccine talk has taken over dating apps, and it seems getting the jab is the hottest new online dating trend. Back in January, a spokesperson for Tinder told Vice that mentions of the vaccine in […] The post The Vaccine […]

Our Favorite Instagram Nurses – It’s Nurse Appreciation Week!

It’s no secret that nurses are the MVPs of any hospital or medical office they work in. Me personally, I will always be grateful when when a nurse held my hand when they knew I was nervous for an upcoming surgery. In honor of Nurses Appreciation Week (May 6 to […] The post Our Favorite […]

Ghosting: Why LGBTQ People Do It & How to Deal With It

LGBTQ people have learned to be experts in hiding. We had to hide to survive, and ghosting is hiding. We all have a ghosting story. When someone suddenly disappears from your life with no warning or explanation, you have been ghosted. Ghosting is on the rise. Several surveys now report […] The post Ghosting: Why […]