Month: June 2020

Gay Widower Wins Landmark Legal Battle for The Social Security Benefits of The Man He Loved For 43 Years

A US federal court has ruled that a gay widower is entitled to claim spousal benefits of his husband, who tragically died just six months after their wedding. Michael Ely and James A. Taylor had been in a relationship since 1971, when they were when 18 and 20 years old. […] The post Gay Widower […]

‘Turning The Stress of The Lockdown Into a Positive Experience For Gay Men’

Gay men may face a specific set of mental challenges in isolation, writes Marc Svensson. I was recently speaking to a friend about the topic most conversations seem to revolve around these days, the current lockdown isolation. He told me he felt as if “his whole identity had been swept […] The post ‘Turning The […]

Same-Sex Marriages Have Contributed $3.8 billion to The US Economy

45,000 jobs were supported by same-sex unions and they generated an additional $244 million in state and local taxes. From wedding rings to receptions, weddings aren’t cheap and there’s an entire industry just waiting to help lovebirds spend money. But how much have LGBTQ couples contributed to the spending? Same-sex […] The post Same-Sex Marriages […]