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People Think Pennywise The Clown and The Babadook Are a Couple

Twitter is losing its collective mind over the internet’s latest couple. Pennywise from Stephen King’s “IT” and the Babadook ― two fictional and, ahem, jazzy characters from horror stories― have been reimagined as a duo. The relationship between the two was imagined over the last few days on Twitter and Tumblr but the exact relationship start date […]

These Two Gay Papas are Showing Why Gay Surrogacy is Beautiful

Full of adorable ‘first moments’ from baby steps to messy plates of spaghetti their Instagram is cute central   Meet Papas Manuel from Spain and Bud from New Jersey. Together they run the Two Gay Papas Instagram posting the most adorable family pictures with four-year-old Álvaro and two-year-old Carmen With over 50K followers, we are not the […]

Tonight’s Room 104 Takes on Mormon Missionaries and Sexual Repression

If you love creative narratives and artistic aesthetics, then you are probably familiar with the work of Jay and Mark Duplass (The Skeleton Twins, Animals). On the HBO anthology series Room 104, created and executive-produced by the brothers, they present the happy, the humorous, the dramatic, and ultimately the unique happenings that occur in one room of an average […]

13 unbelievable things LGBT people have been blamed for

LGBT people are often unfairly blamed for a lot of the world’s events, but some of these are slightly more ‘out there’ than most. PinkNews brings you a list of 13 of the most unbelievable things that LGBT people have been blamed for over the years. 1. Low school grades The host of a US […]

I told my best friend I loved him – now he’s frozen me out

Original story from: Gay Times Magazine.   I’m Hindu and semi-out, and after leaving a toxic relationship that left me feeling suicidal, I came out to may best friend, who is older and in an open relationship. He was amazing about it, and as we talked openly and frankly, this turned to flirtation – I […]

Shake Up Your Relationship: Tips For A Successful Gay Relationship

After many years of working with gay men and hearing about their successes and disasters, I want to share a couple tips I have learned along the way that are definitely key in having a successful Gay Relationship. Value and respect each other and don’t take each other for granted. Devote quality time to the […]

What do you do when your boyfriend of almost five years suddenly tells you he’s straight?

What do you do when your boyfriend of almost five years suddenly tells you he’s straight? That’s what one Reddit user wants to know. “Yeah, umm. So a quick recap,” the man, who describes himself as gay and “40ish” begins. “We’ve been together 4 1/2 years. During that time he maintained a bisex stance. Fast […]

Nurse Jackie Star Comes Out as ‘Total Bottom’ to Fight Anti-LGBT Violence

Haaz Sleiman said he was gay in a response to a report of hate-based homicides. He also criticized The Advocate for once asking about his sexual orientation.   Haaz Sleiman has come out as gay — and also as a “total bottom” — in response to bigotry. The Nurse Jackie star, 41, revealed his sexual orientation Tuesday on Facebook, in […]

Queer South African Film “The Wound” Earns Praise Globally, But Threats At Home

“The movie made everything public—even the very sensitive and secret things.”   Premiering at Sundance, John Trengove’s directorial debut, The Wound (Inxeba), is a brutal yet beautiful study in identity: Kwanda, a young gay South African, goes out into the wilderness to undergo Ulwaluko, a painful circumcision ritual and his rite of passage into the Xhosa tribe. […]